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Organic Agriculture

Organic Farming

Organic farming is an agricultural production system that provides the highest quality food through techniques that respect the environment.
This production method dispenses with the use of chemicals such as pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and additives, with the objective of obtaining natural food, health and nutrition all while minimizing the negative effects on the environment.
Organic production is governed by a strict European Union regulations, which includes requirements for crop production, animal, and inspection, certification and labeling. The result is that organic foods are subject to additional controls, performed by authorized certification bodies, independent, guaranteeing its authenticity.
To identify an organic food must be remembered that the mere mention of the terms “organic”, “eco”, “biological”, “Bio” and “organic” is reserved exclusively for food from organic farming. The labeling of these products, you should see the name or code of the entity that certifies the authenticity of the product which may be accompanied by various logos, including Europe.

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